Robert Joseph Bublitz, is the author of the book titled, Alzheimer's--What My Mother’s Caregiving Taught Me.  This book is the result of the knowledge and experience which Bob shares with others to lighten the burden they face with this disease.  Alzheimer's disease is currently the most costly disease for a family or the nation to handle exceeding either heart disease or cancer.
    The book titled, Prussian Peasants Seek The American Dream is planned for introduction Q1 of 2021. This book will satisfy the curiosity of readers interested in the history of northeast Europe, 1800 Prussian peasant and noble lifestyles, U.S. emigration and early 1900 rural USA farm life. Millions of peasants departed Prussia and emigrated to the Midwest during the last half of the nineteenth century.  Today, in the early twenty-first century, descendents of these Prussian ancestors represent approximately twenty percent of the U.S. population.  To understand this migration, a history chronicle of typical peasants, the author’s grandparents describes the way people lived on eastern Prussian gutsbezirks under feudalism.  The book documents the history of the areas where the grandparents lived in Pomerania; their lifestyle, explains their emigration; describes their new USA life and a looks back at the “old country” 120 years later.  Millions of immigrants experienced similar life journeys.  Also included is a summary and conclusion.  Researchers will find a valuable bibliography and appendix.  This was a time before the rapid advances in science, technology and materialism changed the world during the last half of the twentieth century.  The former provinces of the Kingdom of Prussia are now part of Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and a principality in Switzerland. The author estimates that at least twenty percent of the U.S. Population in the Year 2000 and Over Half of the Population in the States of Wisconsin and Minnesota are Descendents of  Prussian Ancestors
    Bob is available for speaking engagements or consulting.


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