Attending Minister

When the body can no longer fully support the soul, and the soul wonders where it is, no longer recognizing this world and not yet being found in the world to come, when caregiver and  the cared for can only share memories, but fewer and fewer and fewer, until at last there are none, a body that only slightly resembles the lively person that it once was, and then when that  too is stilled, then the caregiver will rise and reflect.  The long journey is over.  “Who was that person whom I served?  And who am I?"  And the answer comes, “This was my special person, whom I loved and who loved me.  And who am I, having lost so much in giving care?  I am the one who gave her care,” and he will add, “I did it without regret and I would do it again.”

Robert Bublitz, “Alzheimer’s—What My Mother’s Caregiving Taught Me”  gives insight that will be helpful for those entering into caregiving for a loved one suffering Alzheimer's Disease.  

Sam Platts, Retired Pastor, Church of The Foothills