Book Overview

Alzheimer’s--What My Mother’s Caregiving Taught Me


"Essential Knowledge for Effective Alzheimer’s Caregiving.”

“Alzheimer’s--What My Mother’s Caregiving Taught Me” is the result of personal sacrifice, drama and even humor from the front line of the caregiving experience. This book is a personal account from the forefront of caregiving packed with stories and solid information I assembled from mother and other Alzheimer's patient and caregiver experiences, doctor visits and personal research that you will not find anywhere else. I know. I looked. I share the whole and sometimes difficult truths as my personal mission to lighten the burden for the millions who face this disease. Over one hundred pages of resources for Alzheimer Caregiving are provided in the appendix including: 1. Steps to Diagnosing Alzheimer's, 2. The Mayo Clinic Diagnosis, (3) Death Certificate, (4) USC Autopsy Report, (5) Obituary, (6) Photo Collage of Olive's Life, (7) Eulogy, (8) Useful References (books and videos) and more.
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