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What started your writing career?

Reading Longfellow’s “Evangeline” in middle school (seventh & eighth grade) inspired me and left a lifelong impression.  All through high school and college I routinely looked forward to listening to the Torch Hour at midnight, broadcasted by WGN out of Chicago.  Franklin MacCormack, who read poetry from his Old Memory Book with soft music playing in the background, was the host of the program.  Today I still frequently read from these Old Memory books in the late evening hours or the first thing in the morning.  

These authors and others have provided a valuable legacy for improving humanity.  I hope my writings eventually accomplish similar stature.  

I started writing during the summer after my first year at the University of Arizona.  I felt eventually I could contribute some meaningful books and add a few poems to the body of world literature.  To date, I have published Alzheimer’s--What My Mother’s Caregiving Taught Me.  Several books are in development.

What are your current writing projects?

Currently, I have the following writing projects underway:

§  Available Q2, 2019: Prussians Peasants Seek The American Dream, “The History of August Carl Ferdinand Bublitz, Great Grandfather and Albertina “Tina” Wilhelmina Dorn, Grandmother, emigration from Pommern, Prussia to Wisconsin.  The book describes in detail living in Molstow Village in Regenwalde Kreis, Pommern Providence in the Kingdom of Prussia among the German Empire, immigration to Elkhorn, Wisconsin, and life on a rural farm in the USA.  The book is filled with historical data.

§ Available 2022: Country Boy's HighTech Adventure 

§ Available 2024: Wisdom for Young Adults

§ Available 2026: Vietnam—How It Changed My Life

§ Available 2028: Wilderness, Wildlife & Nature--Restoring & Maintaining Body, Mind & Spirit.  Human Renewal from Nature.  Through the hustle and bustle of everyday living, we have lost the value of taking walks in the woods, listening to birds in the morning, smelling the air after a rain, watching sunsets in the evening or gazing into the sky at night.  These and other simple pleasures in everyday living from the wilderness, wildlife and nature have the value of renewing human energy and spirit.

§ Available 2030: Healthy Nutrition—A Worldwide Crisis & Solution

§ Regular updating the Wikipedia internet site: Bublitz Case Company History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bublitz_Case_Company

What do you like to read?

I especially enjoy reading books about the wilderness, wildlife & nature; keeping up with Alzheimer advances and learning about world history, early 1900 Midwest history, and the various lifestyles.  During 2012 I reread Sigrid Olson’s books Wilderness Ways and Listening Point for the second time.  My favorite book of all times is Oliver Stone’s Rich Man – Poor Man which I read during the time I worked at the State Department and lived in Saigon, Vietnam. 

 During the last five years (2012-2017) my reading has focused on Pomeranian (German: Pommern) and Prussian history, emigration to the USA and early twentieth century farming in the Midwest to help gain background to write the book, Prussian Peasants Seek The American Dream.  The last books I read in this process included Jerry Apps The Quiet Season: Remembering Country Winters, Rudolf Von Thadden’s German translated Trieglaff and Royal Natzke’s The Nobleman Among the Brothers: The Life of the Pomeranian Farmer, Christian, and Statesman Adolph von Thadden-Trieglaff and translations of historical documents on the von Borcke’s Stargordt Gutsbezirk where my ancestors lived.

 Since 2005, I have read many books and articles about the 2008 financial crisis and veteran’s difficulties, which I have personally experienced.  The best books I have read during this time include Wilcox’s Waiting for an Army to Die, Gibb’s Dying from Dioxin and Roche’s The Veterans Survival Guide.  Additionally, I have read all of the government published research reports and articles published in the Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) on Agent Orange (AO).  Most veterans feel the government-sponsored research is simply propaganda.  Stonewalling and failure to acknowledge veteran’s health problems, then failing to recommend ways for doctors to treat common issues that many veterans experience, plus refusing or delaying disability for deserving veterans who have been injured while serving their country is one of the greatest travesties Americans have faced with their government during the twentieth century.  As former Secretary of State Bob Gates stated 11 May 2014 on the TV program Face the Nation, “The greatest threat Americans face with losing their freedom and independence lies within two miles of Washington D.C."

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