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About The Author

     Robert's writing career began while caring for his mother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Shortly thereafter Robert was diagnosed with cancer, followed by surgery and a long recovery.  During late 2006, reflection, serious research and writing began on a daily basis and has continued to this day.  Readers should expect several additional books from Robert based on his life which is full of interesting personal interest adventure.
     Robert J. Bublitz, Alzheimer’s author, and speaker gained extensive knowledge about Alzheimer's from his research on the disease and experience caring for his mother.  Bob was working at his career in marketing and sales in electronics when his mother Olive was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease by The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.  Being an only child, Bob dropped everything and accepted full responsibility for his mother’s health care.  Bob was determined to make his mother’s final days as pleasant as possible.  Alzheimer's--What My Mother’s Caregiving Taught Me is the result of the knowledge and experience Bob shares with others to lighten the burden they face with this disease.

     The author was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Robert earned a Master's degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona; a Bachelor’s degree from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin and the equivalent of an electrical engineering degree from numerous classes during his thirty years integrated circuit design career.  

     After college, Robert worked briefly at the U.S. State Department in Saigon, Vietnam before spending thirty years in the marketing and sales of electronic design automation (EDA) systems and software.  These EDA companies included Tektronix, IBM and several smaller companies that were later merged with larger companies.

     Robert and his family lived in Portland, Oregon for twelve years.  The last thirty-four years Robert has resided in the Los Angeles area.  The last five years he has divided his time between Southern California and Northwestern Wisconsin near Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay. 

     While working at the U.S. State Department in Saigon, Vietnam, Robert traveled to Hong Kong, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia. During his career in electronics, Robert visited nearly every USA state, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Austria.

     Robert is a member of the American Library Association, Die Pommerschen Leute (The Pomeranian People, DPL), The Immigrant Genealogical Society (IGS), The Alzheimer's Association and The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS).    

     Other books currently under development include: 

Available Q2, 2020: Prussian Peasants Seek The American Dream

Available 2022: Country Boy's HighTech Adventure 

Available 2024: Wisdom for Young Adults

Available 2026: Vietnam—How It Changed My Life

Available 2028: Wilderness, Wildlife & Nature--Restoring & Maintaining Human Body, Mind & Spirit 

Available 2030: Healthy Nutrition—A Worldwide Crisis & Solution (Shelby Bublitz, RD, coauthor)

Regular updating the Wikipedia internet site:  Bublitz Case Company History:

     Bob is available for speaking engagements or consulting.



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